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The project that brings you to the Desert of the Mamluks was designed and directed by

Agnieszka Dobrowolska, the head of ARCHiNOS Architecture. A conservation architect living and working in Cairo, she has spent many years directing work in the Desert of the Mamluks that combines historic preservation with cultural and social development activities.


The texts have been researched and written by

Caroline Williams, who holds graduate degrees in Middle Eastern history from Harvard University and Islamic art and architecture from the American University in Cairo, a frequent resident of and visitor to Cairo since 1961. She authored the bestselling Islamic Monuments of Cairo: The Practical Guide, now in its seventh edition

and Jarosław Dobrowolski, a conservation architect, researcher, and illustrator who has been working in Egypt since the 1980s and living in Cairo since 1992.


The section on the Egyptian royal family was written and edited by

Prince ‘Abbas Hilmi, the grandson of Khedive ‘Abbas Hilmi II.


The video documentary was directed by

Ahmad Zeidan, an Egyptian filmmaker and cultural operator, the founder of the highly successful ROOM art space in Cairo that brings together various forms of contemporary art.


The website was produced by

Haidy Wael , Eslam Al-Na'eb and , Amr Abotawila,

a dedicated and talented team at ARCHiNOS Architecture.


Photographs by

Agnieszka Dobrowolska, Jarosław Dobrowolski, Mahmud Badawy, George Fakhry, Robert K. Vincent Jr,

Marvin Trachtenberg, Abderrahmim Badrakhan, Ahmad Abdel 'Aziz, iFly Egypt

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