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Hawd of Sultan Qaitbey

Mausoleum of khedive Tawfiq
(Qubbat Effendina)

Façade South of Qaitbey’s Tomb

Mosque of Sultan Qaitbey

View South from Qaitbey’s Minaret

Demolished Rab'

Remnants of Water Supply System

Tomb of ‘Abdallah al-Menufi

Mosque of Sidi ‘Afifi

“Qaitbey Square”

The Domed Tomb of Sultan Qaitbey

“Sabil” of Qaitbey

Gate of Qaitbey

Mausoleum of al-Gulshani & Maq‘ad of Qaitbey

Oratory and tomb of al-Gulshani

The Maq‘ad of Qaitbey: Interior

The Residential/Service Area behind al-Gulshani

Mausoleum of Mankalibugha al-Fakhri

Mausoleum of Ibn Ghurab

Side Gateway of Qaitbey

Tomb of Sulayman Agha al-Silahdar

Tomb of Amir Tashtimur

Tomb of Amir Azdumur

Tomb of Guzal

Tomb of Khawand Tughay

Tomb of Khawand Tulbay

The Marketplace

Remnants of Residential Buildings

Sabil of Qaitbey

Raba‘ of Qaitbey

Quttab at Qaitbey’s Mosque

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